7 Side Effects of Almonds


Too Many Almonds Causes Constipation


Excess Intake Reduces Nutrient Absorption


Makes You Gain Weight

Do you know how many calories are in 23 almond kernels (1 ounce)? Around 164 calories! Quite heavy stuff this nut is! 

Triggers Allergies

4 Almonds can cause a serious allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis

Excess Intake Leads to Kidney Stone Formation


Causes Vitamin E Overdose

Almonds are rich in Vitamin E & are good for the skin. However, if you are already taking Vitamin E-rich food or Vitamin E supplements, you must not eat many almonds a day. 

Leads to Cyanide Poisoning

Bitter versions of almonds are infamous for causing cyanide poisoning. They have high levels of Hydrocyanic Acid (HCN), about 40 times more than that in sweet almonds.

Recommended Dose of Almonds

Medical researchers have not established any scientific data on the daily consumption of almonds. However, doctors advise eating not more than 10-15 almonds in one day. 
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