By: Vaishnavi Barthwal

Jnana/Gyan Mudra 

This is one of the most important yoga mudras for sharpening focus and knowledge.

Chinmaya Mudra (Awareness)

This is one of the best mudras for both physical and emotional well-being

Vayu Mudra (Air)

This mudra eases chest pain brought on by trapped gas by ejecting extra air from the body

Agni Mudra (Fire)

This mudra aids in lowering belly fat, boosting metabolism, and controlling obesity. Additionally, it improves digestion and protects the body

Varun Mudra (Water)

By letting your body's fluids flow freely and keeping your skin hydrated, this mudra makes your skin glow

Prana Mudra (Life)

Your immune system is strengthened by this mudra. Your eyes' strength and clarity are improved as a result

Shunya Mudra (Sky)

This mudra relieves earaches and helps people who are losing their hearing due to age or disease

Surya Mudra (Sun)

This mudra helps prevent weight gain and high cholesterol. It also helps with anxiety and digestion

Prithvi Mudra (Earth)

The body's blood flow is improved thanks to this mudra. It enhances focus, tolerance, and patience while meditating

Adi Mudra 

This mudra helps prevent snoring by relaxing the nerve system. it increases oxygen flow to the brain and enhances lung capacity