Palm Toddy (Neera) Benefits and Side Effects

Helps Maintain Healthy Nail, Hair, and Skin

Palm toddy helps in the promotion of wound healing by mending some biological tissues. Palm toddy also encourages some healthy cell proliferation.

Improves Eyesight       

Thiamine, also referred to as vitamin B1, is found in palm toddy and helps to improve vision. Many people drink fresh palm toddy to improve their vision.         

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Multiple studies show drinking palm toddy in moderation can help reduce the risk of heart disease. with potassium content, it decreases BP & improves heart health.

Promotes Lactation

It helps to boost breast milk production in mothers who are lactating and are having problems with low milk supply.

Side Effects of Palm Toddy

The health risks of excessive palm toddy drinking are real. Drinking palm toddy can have certain side effects, including:

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Bad Effects On The Lliver

A pregnant woman's lipid metabolism might be negatively impacted by palm toddy as it contains ethanol. and interferes with the liver's regular function to store fat.

Causes Hypertension

Palm toddy has a strong side effect that raises blood pressure and results in hypertension. It messes with how the body functions in a similar way to alcohol.

Decreases Blood Clotting

Drinking palm toddy in excess can reduce a person's body’s natural ability to coagulate blood, which can result in uncontrollable bleeding.

Weakens The Heart Muscles

The cardiac muscles can become weakened from excessive palm toddy drinking and could also make it more difficult to pump blood.

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