High-Power Hing: Know the Health Benefits of the Spice   

By Shruti Sanwariya

Skin Health

Hing's abundant anti-inflammatory compounds make it popular in skincare. It soothes skin irritation and corn and when applied topically, has a cooling effect.

Menstrual Health

Hing's anti-inflammatory properties alleviate period discomforts such as cramps, irregularity, and excessive pain, aiding in treating leucorrhea and candida swiftly.

Men's Health

Including it in your meals can prevent many weakness-related issues. Drinking a glass of warm water with hing boosts blood circulation and increases libido.

Breathing Issues

Hing naturally clears chest congestion by expelling mucus and acts as a potent respiratory stimulant, relieving cough and bronchitis when consumed with honey and ginger.

Controls Blood Sugar Level

To lower blood sugar, add hing to your diet as it contains anti-diabetic effects. It stimulates pancreatic cells to secrete insulin and lowers blood sugar levels.

Maintains High Blood Pressure

Hing contains coumarins which thin the blood, enhance flow, and lower cholesterol, and triglycerides, reducing hypertension risk.

Lessens Cancer Risk

Hing contains potent antioxidants which protect cells from free radicals when consumed regularly. Its anti-cancer activity inhibits the development of cancer cells.

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