Rare Fruits in India

By: Sonali Behera

Jungli Jalebi

Jungli Jalebi contains green-pink spiraling pods and because the fruit resembles the Indian delicacy jalebi, the plant is also known as Jungli Jalebi.

Buddha's Hand

Buddha's hand is a gorgeous fruit with long, golden tentacles that stretch from the base and resemble gnarled human fingers. It looks like a rough lemon.


Langsah is a small, translucent fruit with an orb shape that is most commonly seen in South India.


Mangustaan, about the size of a tiny orange, is a fragrant tropical fruit. It is the national fruit of Thailand & it is believed that in the 18th century, southern India had many trees.


Buddhist specialists believe that it was initially found in Varanasi and subsequently spread throughout Asia and the rest of the world.

Japani Phal

Locally known in Himachal as Japani phal, a phrase used to denote a temperate fruit, the singular, delicious persimmon is a deep orange-red colour.


Ambarella is a mature plant that is often referred to as wild mango. It has the moderate sweetness of a pineapple and the puckering acidity of an unripe mango.


One of the fruits that wild elephants enjoy is Chalta, which thrives in the humid soil and oppressive atmosphere of swamps and semi-tropical forests.


Bilimbis, a fruit related to star fruit, begins bright green and hard but ripens to yellowish, glossy, and soft.


Targola, also known as the Taal, is a cluster-forming palm fruit. The fruit is further used to make the local alcoholic beverage toddy.

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