How to Identify Plastic Rice

By - Shivangi Rai

 Food safety is a top priority due to rising concerns about counterfeit products in the market. One particularly notorious imposter is plastic rice

Plastic rice is not pure plastic but contains a notable amount of synthetic polymers, made by blending a small portion of rice with plastic grains, posing health risks if consumed

What is Plastic Rice?

There are three methods to test rice

The Water Test

Water test is a simple and effective way to determine if your rice is the real deal or an imposter

The Boiling Test

Boiling test is another quick way to verify the authenticity of your rice

The Flame Test

Flame test is a slightly more advanced but definitive method to identify plastic rice

These tests are simple but effective for identifying plastic rice. Yet, the best defence remains purchasing from reputable sources and being vigilant about your food.

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