India's Top Mouthwatering Mango Varieties

By Saurabh Shukla


Regarded as the "King of Mangoes," Alphonso mangoes from Maharashtra offer a rich, creamy texture and intensely sweet flavor.


Named for its saffron-like color, Kesar mangoes from Gujarat offer a delightful blend of sweetness and tanginess with firm, juicy pulp, used in a range of mango-based desserts and beverages.


Hailing from Uttar Pradesh, Dasheri mangoes are known for their exquisite taste, featuring a sweet, aromatic flavor and slightly fibrous texture, enjoyed fresh as well as included in various cuisines.


Native to Andhra Pradesh, Banganapalli mangoes are prized for their large size, golden-yellow hue, and unique sweet taste. Their thin skin & fiber-free, juicy flesh make them a popular choice among mango lovers.


Native to West Bengal, Langra mangoes are famous by their distinct flavor and aroma, featuring a sweet, tangy taste with fiber-free, juicy pulp, ideal for both fresh consumption and cooking.

Kishan Bhog

A beloved variety from Bihar and West Bengal, cultivated mainly in districts like Malda & Murshidabad Kishan Bhog mangoes offer a rich flavor & delicate, fiber-free texture, cherished for their large size & sweet aroma.

Chausa Mangoes

Popular across South Asia, particularly in northern India, Chausa mangoes are known for their large size, kidney shape, and sweet flavor, rich in vitamins, and are exported worldwide.

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