Mahindra YUVO TECH+

Inside: Interesting features of Mahindra YUVO TECH+

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It boasts a 29.1 kW (39 HP) engine and a lifting capacity of 1700 kg, coupled with a best-in-class 26.5 kW (33.5 HP) PTO power and a six-year warranty. Its advanced technology includes constant mesh transmission and high-precision hydraulics. 

Mahindra 405
YUVO TECH+ Tractor

With a 31.33 kW (42 HP) engine, power steering, and a 1700 kg hydraulic lifting capacity, it offers comfort and multiple gear options. It is bound to enhance productivity and profitability in various farming applications.

Mahindra 415
YUVO TECH+ Tractor

This is packed with a powerful 33.8 kW (44 HP) engine and power steering, alongside a four-cylinder ELS engine delivering 30.2 kW (40.5 HP) PTO power. The tractor is designed for revolutionary productivity in farming. 

Mahindra 475
YUVO TECH+ Tractor

This model features a potent 35 kW (47 HP) engine. Its four-cylinder ELS engine has the best-in-class mileage. It is complemented by parallel cooling and high maximum torque. The tractor is sure to be your top pick this year. 

Mahindra 575
YUVO TECH+ Tractor

It has a 36.75 kW (49.3 HP) engine and 1700 kg hydraulic lifting capacity, delivering outstanding power and precision. Its 33.9 kW (45.4 HP) PTO power, coupled with a four-cylinder ELS engine, ensures seamless performance. It can truly transform agricultural businesses by enhancing productivity.

Mahindra 585
YUVO TECH+ Tractor