Is Goa Having Gold in Its Mushrooms?

By Mrini Devnani

Know The Research

Goa University has developed a method to produce gold nanoparticles using mushrooms found in the state. It promises to revolutionize medicine delivery systems, particularly in anti-cancer drugs.

The Gold Standard

Nanoparticles of gold are effective in carrying medicines through the human body. However, their production and trade are monopolized by a few companies.

 Role of Termitomyces

Experts like Sujata Dabolkar and Nandakumar Kamat, have discovered that mushrooms of the genus Termitomyces can synthesize gold nanoparticles. This method utilizes edible biomass, ensuring a clean and green production process.

Biodiversity and Ecology

With over 35 species of Termitomyces found in Goa, the experts hope to preserve the biodiversity through their research. By cultivating these mushrooms in a pelletized form, they can ensure their propagation.

Path Forward

Collaborations with startups to scale up the production of gold nanoparticle pellets are on the way. Revenue-sharing agreements with the Goan government and profit-sharing with local villagers can ensure economic sustainability.

Edible Mushroom