Mahindra JIVO

Built to Last, Bound to Perform

Mahindra Jivo is a compact powerhouse for everyday farming needs. With its 4-wheel drive, it works efficiently in muddy terrains and easily boosts productivity.

Powered by Mahindra's DI engine, ranging from 20 HP to 36 HP, Jivo ensures greater mileage and minimal maintenance, keeping your operations running pocket-friendly.

Redefine your farming experience with Jivo's automatic draft and depth control, perfect for handling plowing and cultivation tasks for various crops.

Control meets comfort with Mahindra Jivo. The mini tractor is equipped with power steering, side shift gears, and a suspension seat, offering a smooth ride for extended hours of operation.

Mahindra Jivo's sleek design, high ground clearance, and adjustable rear track width empowers farmers to navigate through tight spaces and challenging terrains effortlessly.

Speed up your operations with Jivo's high road speed. Maximize efficiency and complete more trips in less time, boosting overall productivity on the farm.

Rest easy with Mahindra Jivo's 5-year warranty, providing farmers with reliable support as they continue their journey towards agricultural success.