Mahindra Novo

High Capacity, Low Cost, Unmatched Performance

Seamless Transitions

Experience effortless gear shifts with synchromesh transmission. The guide plate ensures precise changes, delivering a comfortable drive every time.

Precision Redefined

Novo's hydraulics offer up to 2700 kg high lift capacity, perfect for super seeders and potato planters, ensuring unmatched precision in farming. 

Connected Farming

Mahindra Tractors with Digisense keeps you connected 24*7. Monitor your tractor's performance and receive updates right on your smartphone.

Cool Comfort

Escape the heat with high-operator seating. Redirecting hot air from the engine ensures a cool and comfortable environment for operators.

Smart Fuel Management

Choose your mode for optimum fuel efficiency. Switch between Diesel Saver, Normal, and Power mode, giving you control over your fuel consumption.

Power on All Fours

Enhanced lifespan with drop-down axle and center drive line. The four-wheel-drive feature ensures power distribution to all tires, maximizing traction. 

Clutch Excellence

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Featuring the largest 306 cm clutch in its category, Mahindra Novo promises effortless operation and minimizes wear and tear for a reliable performance. 

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