Mahindra Tractors under 7 Lakhs in India

Mahindra: A Boon For Small Farmers

Indian farmers often face financial strain when buying tractors. Here are Mahindra's low-cost range with all models under 7 lakh rupees:

Mahindra 275 DI TU

With a simple design and easy maintenance, the tractor offers fuel efficiency, reducing operating costs. Itís suitable for basic farming tasks, making it the first choice for small-scale farmers.

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Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus

Packed with dual-acting steering, this tractor is enhanced with oil-immersed multi-disc brakes, providing high grip and low slippage to protect it from major accidents.

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Mahindra 585 DI XP Plus

The model combines affordability with capabilities. Suitable for a broader range of farming activities, its robust build and reliability contribute to long-term cost savings.

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Mahindra 275 DI XP Plus

This versatile tractor can handle various agricultural tasks, such as plowing, tilling, seeding, and more. With this, farmers can reduce the need for additional equipment.

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Mahindra 475 DI

The 475 DI is known for its durability and low maintenance requirements. It offers advanced features as well as essential elements necessary for various agricultural tasks.

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