Nariyal Amma


By - Ravisha Poddar

Padma Shri Awardee 2024

Coconut Pioneer

Kamachi Chellammal is a 67-year-old farmer from Rangachang village, South Andaman. She is awarded with Padma Shri award for her outstanding contributions to organic coconut cultivation

Innovative mulching

Using coconut leaves and husks, she preserves soil moisture and keeps pesky weeds at bay. It's a game-changer for coconut plantations, making them healthier and more resilient

Through Integrated Pest Management, strategically placing 'trap plants' and disrupting pests' mating cycles with pheromones, she ensures a thriving and eco-friendly balance on her farm

Pests, Be Gone!

Her 10-acre farm is a colorful tapestry of crops—elephant foot yam, banana, groundnut, pineapple, sweet potato, green chilly, tube rose, gladiolus, marigold, and green veggies

Crop Diversity Brilliance

Living in the remote Andaman Islands, Chellammal thought the Padma Shri call was a prank. Now she acknowledges the honor and sees its potential to inspire her community

Gratitude in Isolation

Chellammal's son envisions agro-tourism on their land—a showcase of diverse crops, spice gardens, and fish farming

Farmer's Dream

From mulching miracles to eco-friendly pest management, she has sown the seeds of sustainable agriculture

 Nariyal Amma's Legacy

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