Megastar of Farming:
Mahindra XP PLUS 265 Orchard Tractor

This leading agricultural tractor features a sturdy and dependable construction, designed to endure the rigorous conditions found in orchard settings.

Orchard-Tested Durability

With a 24.6 kW (33.0 HP) engine and superior torque of 139 Nm, it adeptly maneuvers through narrow spaces among trees, maximizing productivity.


Featuring advanced hydraulics, power steering, and a spacious 49-liter fuel tank, this tractor is bound to fulfil the dreams of farmers.


The hydraulic system provides precise control, enabling smooth maneuvering and exact alignment with your unique agricultural requirements.


With its unparalleled blend of power, precision, and flexibility, this tractor elevates orchard farming, driving productivity and achieving remarkable success.