Different Ways to Incorporate Millets in Our Diet

By: Shruti Kandwal


Millet Chapati

You can cook your chapatis with 50% whole wheat flour and use a millet-based flour like ragi or jowar for the remaining 50%.

Millet Idli

The next time you want to indulge in idlis for breakfast, try substituting rice with ragi. You can make idlis with most millet varieties.

Millet Pancake

Switch your pancake flour with any millet-based flour and you’ll have an absolutely delicious option for lazy weekend breakfasts.

Millet Porridge

If eating porridge sounds boring and dull to you, try making it with equal proportions of ragi, rice, moong, dal, and Jowar.

Millet Fried Rice

Millet varieties such as foxtail millet are excellent rice alternatives and grains to use in fried rice dishes or pulaos.

Millet Cake

Millet cake is excellent to satisfy your sweet craving without worrying about the effect the dessert will have on your health.

Millet Crepes

Millet crepes are an excellent breakfast option since they are high in vital minerals and vitamins as well as the goodness of fruits.

Millet Cookies

A millet cookie is high in nutrients and goes well with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Try one for yourself!

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