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Most Profitable Fish to Farm in India

By - Aysha Anam


Ornamental Fish Farming

Production Price:  Rs 47 lakh for 5 acres 
Selling Price: Rs 3 Cr per year

The breeding of ornamental fish began over 1000 years ago with the domestication of goldfish in China.


Prawn Farming 

Prawn farming is easy and profitable and harvests in six months. 
Production Price:  Rs 7-12 lakh 
Selling Price: Rs 120 billion postlarvae (PLs) per year


Rohu Fish Farming

It is a very famous fish because of its high market demand and taste.
Production Price:  Rs 20 paise to 1 Re per fish
Selling Price: Rs 120 to 160  per kg


Catfish Farming

These fish gain weight in a short period of time and are very profitable
Production Price:   Rs 2.50 to 3.33 per pound.
Selling Price: Rs 69.95 to Rs 268.14


Tuna fish farming 

It has high medicinal value
Production Price:   Rs 561 lb
Selling Price: Rs 1664-3328 lb


Cod Farming

Cod is a low-fat source of protein and helps improve heart health.
Production Price: Rs 340.58 - 366.40 per kg 
Selling Price:  Rs 828.5 - Rs 1325.6 per kg


Eel Farming

Eels are highly tolerant even when kept in large numbers. 
Production Price:  Rs 6 per piece 
Selling Price:  Rs 300 to Rs 1000 per kg 


Trout farming 

Trout fish grow fast, and they have a high market value.
Production Price:   Rs 6 per piece
Selling Price: Rs 500 per kg

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