Explore Surprising Secrets of Plants

By - Shruti Sanwariya

Nature's Rhythm

Silent Voices

Plants emit sounds at human speech volume, though at inaudible frequencies, indicating their communication abilities.

Image Source : Pexel

Sound Frequency 

Plant sounds, ranging from 40-80 kHz are beyond the human hearing range.

Image Source : Pexel

Healthy vs Stressed Sounds

Healthy plants emit sounds infrequently, while stressed ones vocalize multiple times within the same period.

Image Source : Pexel

AI Analysis

Highly sensitive equipment and AI decipher plant noises, distinguishing stress signals amidst background noise.

Image Source : Pexel

Environmental Influence

Different environments affect plant sounds, aiding comprehension of their communication and requirements.

Image Source : Pexel

Aiding Plant Care

Human understanding of plants potentially enables better responses to plant needs and fosters closer relationships with green companions.

Image Source : Pexel

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