Trying to Quit Smoking

By Ravisha Poddar

Here Are Foods That Can Help

No Smoking Day is observed on the second Wednesday of March in the United Kingdom. It aims to raise awareness about the effects of smoking and encourage people to quit.

No Smoking Day

The journey began in 1984 when a charity named No Smoking Day was established. The inaugural No Smoking Day coincided with Ash Wednesday, a holy day in Christianity.

In the Past

Quitting smoking can enhance your sense of taste and smell, enriching your food experience. Here are some foods that can aid in your quitting journey.

Quitting Smoking

Feeling a craving? Opt for a glass of milk instead of reaching for a cigarette. It is said that milk may alter the taste of cigarettes, making them less appealing.

Glass of Milk

Chewing on raw carrots can help fend off cravings. The is reported that snacking pickles, apples, or celery can keep your mouth occupied, addressing the psychological urge to smoke.

Healthy Munching

If you find yourself constantly wanting to snack, consider healthy options like popcorn, foxnuts, or peanuts. These can keep both your hands and mouth busy, helping to satisfy salty cravings.

Popcorn and Other Snacks

There's a belief that cinnamon can help keep the desire for cigarettes away. Enjoying a cinnamon stick occasionally can provide a pleasant taste without adding calories.

Cinnamon Sticks

Gum and mints are effective in battling cravings since they last a long time and leave a refreshing aftertaste. Continuously chewing on them can help until your craving subsides.

Gum & Mints

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