One-Stop Guide to Saffron Cultivation

By Ravisha Poddar

Introduction to Saffron

-  Daily rising prices make saffron a profitable          venture for farmers

-  Its harvest cycle is of 3-4 months & it reaches      15-20 cm in height

-  Also known as red gold

Types of Saffron

-   Commercially cultivated: Crocus sativus.

-   Wild saffron: Crocus cartwrightianus.

Uses of Saffron

-   Common in perfumes and cosmetics

-   Used as Ayurvedic medicinal ingredient

-   Used as flavour and color

Major Production States

-   Regional names like Kesar, Kong,               Jafran, Zafran signify its significance.

-   Himachal Pradesh

-   Jammu & Kashmir

Ideal Cultivation Conditions

-   Grows best at elevations between 1500 to              2500 meters above sea level

-   Needs fertile soil and colder climate

Season and Soil Requirements

-   Thrives in loamy, sandy, and calcareous soils        with a pH of 5.5 to 8.5

-   Corms are planted between June and July

Water and Planting Material

-   Corms (Aquilla, Creme, Lacha) are used for            cultivation

-   Requires less water compared to other spices

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