Easy Organic Fertilizers from Kitchen Waste

by - Ravisha Poddar

The starchy water left after cooking your rice makes an organic fertilizer for plants. It also contains Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium, essential for plant health

Rice Water

The leftover water after boiling potatoes is full of starch and beneficial nutrients. Just make sure you haven’t added salt

Potato Water

Burying banana peels in pots help plants replenish their Potassium content
Pro tip: Fruiting plants would love more Potassium

Banana Peels

The light grey-colored leftover ash to fertilise plants. They are high in Potassium and raise the pH of your soil

Wood Ash

If your plants don’t have room for compost, place compost in a bucket of water and replenish the soil with some compost mixed water

Compost Tea

Used coffee grounds and tea leaves can add a boost of nutrition to plants while building healthy soil 

Tea Leaves

Composting peels of carrots, cucumbers, and other vegetables, and burying them in the soil around plants can recharge pot soil

Vegetable Peel

Crushed eggshells sprinkled around the base of plant give necessary calcium boost. Calcium is essential for strong cell walls and overall plant health


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