Overcoming Obstacles with Mahindra: The Story of Santosh Kite 


Santosh Kite's life is all about the power of faith, courage, and willpower in overcoming challenges. Despite facing disability and adversity, Santosh's determination led him towards success. 

Defying Odds

Santosh, a resident of Darli, Pandurna, refused to let polio hinder his dreams. Despite his disability, he embraced self-confidence and started on a journey of resilience and determination.

Turning Setbacks into Opportunities

Facing the loss of his father and increased agricultural work, Santosh remained undeterred. He ventured into farming and sought opportunities in Pusad, where he connected with Mahindra and acquired his first tractor.

The Road to Success

Using technological advancements and his entrepreneurial spirit, Santosh expanded his business, acquiring multiple tractors and establishing a well-knit industry. 

Inspiring the Community

Santosh's journey transformed his life and inspired his entire village to strive for prosperity. Through his determination, Santosh proved that with faith, support, and perseverance, any obstacle can be overcome. 

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