Looking for Plant-Based Alternatives to Meat?

By: Mrini Devnani

We Have Got You Covered!

Plant-based foods are replacements for traditional animal products. These are gaining popularity in India. So, check out the most-wanted options.


Plant-based burgers mimic the taste and texture of traditional meat-based burgers. It is a healthier choice for the people and the planet.

Beyond Burgers

Almond milk can be a good dairy-free alternative to cow's milk. It is low in calories and rich in Vitamin E.

Almond Milk

This can be your top switch for scrambled eggs. It can be used to create interesting recipes that are high in protein content. It is cholesterol-free in nature.

Tofu Scramble

This is an exciting vegan alternative to traditional pulled pork. Its texture and flavors are quite like pork. It can lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and water usage compared to pork production.

Jackfruit Pulled Pork

This is a gluten-free and high-protein alternative to traditional wheat pasta. It is rich in fiber and protein content.

Chickpea Pasta

This is a dairy-free option to traditional cheese and has a creamy texture and rich flavor. Its qualities include being lower in saturated fat than dairy cheese.

Cashew Cheese

A plant-based substitute for meatballs, this has a good fiber content. Environmental benefits of choosing lentil meatballs over meat-based options include reduced land and water usage.

Lentil Meatballs

Seitan steak is a vegan choice to traditional beef steak. It has a meat-like texture and savory flavor. So, incorporating more plant-based foods benefits personal health and the environment.

Seitan Steak