9 Amazing Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

By: Sonali Behera


Peperomias are a wide genus of tiny, low-maintenance houseplants with waxy, often highly textured leaves.

Snake Plant

This simple succulent plant appears to be nearly unbreakable. Low light and minimal water are tolerated by snake plants without affecting their attractiveness.


A heart-leaf philodendron's glossy, heart-shaped leaves & draped tendrils make it incredibly appealing. It works well in dimly lit areas and doesn't care if you forget to water it on time.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are easily recognized indoor plants. These easy-going beauties have strap-like, arching leaves that give the plant a jovial, spidery appearance.

ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant, often known as an eternity plant because of how long it lives, can survive without water for weeks while still growing.

Arrowhead Vine

The triangular form of the green leaves of the arrowhead vine gives it its name. Any space feels tropical because of the unusual form of the leaves and the trailing stalks.


Hoya species known as "wax plants" have trailing, elongated stems that are covered in tiny, waxy-green leaves. It occasionally blooms, giving out little clusters of fragrant pink flowers.

Rubber Plant

The rubber tree is a traditional houseplant. Although it ultimately has the potential to become a giant tree, you can simply keep it shorter by cutting the long stems back.

Cast Iron Plant

The cast-iron plant appears to be able to withstand almost everything you can throw at it, living true to its name. It can survive a variety of temperatures, low light & low humidity.

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