Power Packed:
Hit the Field with Mahindra SP Plus

This tractor has a 33 HP engine for optimal power, dual-acting power steering for control, best-in-class mileage, and a robust build for heavy-duty operations. This makes it a superior choice for agriculture.

Mahindra 265 DI SP Plus Tuff Series Tractor

Being best-in-class fuel efficient, the tractor has a 37 HP engine and 1500 kg lifting capacity. Technologically advanced with low fuel consumption, it boasts a futuristic design along with a six-year warranty.

Mahindra 275 DI SP Plus Tractor

It offers a 42 HP DI engine, dual-acting power steering, and 1500 kg lifting capacity. With unmatched fuel efficiency, it has comfortable seating and 37.4 HP PTO power for enhanced efficiency.

Mahindra 415 DI SP Plus Tractor

This 2WD tractor has a 47 HP ELS engine and a 1500 kg lifting capacity. Coupled with the highest power, best-in-class mileage, and impressive torque, it has a six-year warranty.

Mahindra 575 DI SP Plus Tractor

Having a 49.9 HP ELS engine, and 1800 kg lifting capacity, the tractor has the highest power and best-in-class mileage. Its massive 44.9 HP PTO power is apt for increased productivity with large farm implements.

Mahindra 585 DI SP Plus Tractor

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