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By Shruti Sanwariya

Recognize The Warning Signs of Heart Disease


Persistent tiredness may signal heart disease as the heart works harder during reduced blood flow. Hence, regular doctor visits are advised.

Irregular Heartbeat

Irregular heartbeats, or palpitations, can stem from various factors. Prompt medical evaluation is crucial as untreated arrhythmia increases stroke risk. 

Swelling of the Legs

Swollen legs, common in summer, can signal heart disease if frequent. Edema, caused by fluid retention, requires prompt medical attention if persistent.

Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath is not solely tied to weight; it could signal lung or heart issues. Seek medical advice for concerns.

Chest Pain

Chest pain, a hallmark of heart issues, warrants immediate attention, especially if accompanied by breathing difficulties. Seek emergency care promptly.

Open Wounds on the Feet

Promptly treat open wounds to prevent infection. Non-healing or slow-healing wounds may indicate aorto-iliac disease, potentially causing tissue damage or limb loss.

Pain in the Toes

Toe pain, especially at rest and unrelated to footwear, warrants investigation. Consult a doctor to rule out aortic issues and ensure timely treatment.

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