Chemicals from Your Daily Fruits with Simple Hacks

By Mrini Devnani


Learn how to safeguard your health by effectively removing pesticide residues from fruits before consumption. Here’s how.

with Water/Vinegar

Washing fruits under running water is a good start, but for a deeper cleanse, soak them in a solution of water and vinegar to break down pesticide residues and surface contaminants.


Peeling fruits removes surface pesticide residues, though it may also strip away some nutrients. Reserve this method for fruits with thicker skins like apples, pears, and cucumbers.

Soaking in
Baking Soda Solution

Soaking fruits in a baking soda solution helps break down pesticide residues and removes surface wax coatings commonly found on fruits like apples and grapes.

Buying Organic or Locally Grown Fruits

Opt for organic fruits grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, or choose locally grown fruits for lower pesticide residues due to shorter transportation and storage times.

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