By - Ravisha Poddar


South Korea Issues Health Warning on Fried Starch Toothpick Consumption

What are Starch Toothpicks?

Comprising of corn starch, sweet potato, sorbic alcohol, alum, and  pigment, starch toothpicks are a sanitary product

Edibility Concerns

While sorbitol and alum in small amounts are harmless, excessive consumption can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and inflammation

Starch vs. Regular Toothpicks

Corn starch toothpicks offer gum-friendly toughness, pasteurisation for bacterial prevention, and harm-free dental care

Rise of the Trend

Social media showcases videos of people enjoying deep-fried starch toothpicks with various seasonings, gaining widespread popularity

Parental Worries

Concerned parents voice worries about children mimicking the trend, raising questions about the safety of starch toothpicks

Official Health Advisory

South Korea's food ministry issues a health warning, advising against consuming fried starch toothpicks resembling curly fries

Twitter Alert

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety appeals on Twitter, emphasising the unverified safety of starch toothpicks as food. "Do not eat them," warns the official statement

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