STIHL WP 900 Excels in Diverse Water Handling Tasks

STIHL - WP 900


The STIHL WP 900 is engineered with an anti-vibration system to reduce vibrations generated during operation that ensures the longevity of the pump

Anti-Vibrations System

STIHL WP 900 is an indispensable tool in modern farming, ensuring crops receive the necessary hydration for optimal growth

Perfect for Farming

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This water pump is equipped with the most powerful and reliable STIHL EHC 4-stroke petrol engine

Ideal for Private Uses As well

STIHL WP 900 serves as an invaluable tool for private purposes, offering convenience and efficiency in maintaining lush and healthy landscapes

Sturdy Frame

STIHL WP 900 with a robust and sturdy frame are designed to provide exceptional reliability in various applications

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