Stop Consuming Fruit Juices; Here’s Why

By - Shruti Sanwariya

Sugar Content

Extracting the juice from fruits releases their natural sugars, categorizing fruit juice as a source of "free sugar."

Loss of Nutrients

Juicing can diminish fruit's nutritional content as it exposes nutrients to light and air, potentially causing loss of sensitive nutrients.

Lack of Fiber

Juicing removes insoluble fiber from fruit, concentrating sugars and calories, leading to quicker absorption. It increases blood sugar and calorie intake.

High in Fructose

Fructose in fruit may pose health risks when consumed excessively in a liquid form. It potentially leads to obesity, diabetes, and liver fat accumulation.

Tooth Decay

Fruit juice's natural sugars and acids can harm teeth by softening and eroding protective enamel. It increases the risk of dental decay.

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