Summer crops for june planting 

By: Vaishnavi Barthwal 


Thrives in warm temperatures, harnessing the sun's energy to produce its sweet and juicy stalks


Flourishes in warm temperatures, rewarding gardeners with its tender pods


A sun-seeking plant producing glossy and flavorful fruits that are perfect for grilling & roasting

Bitter Gourd

A tropical vine, thrives in warm climates, showcasing its unique and slightly bitter fruits that are prized for their potential health benefits

Pearl Millet 

A resilient warm-season grain, adapts well to hot and dry conditions, making it a staple crop in arid regions

Red Gram 

Thrives in sunny climates, offering protein-rich lentils and nitrogen-fixing benefits to the soil


 A heat-tolerant oilseed crop, showcasing its delicate flowers and yielding nutritious seeds that are widely used in culinary applications

Green Gram 

A warm-season legume, excels in sunny conditions, producing protein-packed green beans that are cherished in various cuisines 


Thrives in warm temperatures, yielding protein-rich peanuts in vibrant yellow flowers, perfect for snacks, cooking, and oil extraction.

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Cow Pea

A versatile warm-season legume, offers nourishing edible beans and tender shoots, while also enriching the soil through nitrogen fixation