Surprising Uses of Potato


If you get a minor burn, apply a slice of raw potato in a compress to help relieve it

Grind raw potato with water to form a paste, then apply on your face. Leave for around half an hour, then rinse off thoroughly

You can also soak silverware in cooking water left over from boiling potatoes which is is a great non-toxic and eco-friendly way to clean it, instead of using chemicals

If you grow geraniums, try sprinkling some shredded potatoes around the soil they’re planted in – it will help them thrive

If you’re looking for a non-dairy alternative to cream in soups, try some pureed potato instead, they give a creaminess to soups without extra fat and cholesterol

Cube some potatoes and put them in curry, they will absorb a fair amount of salt, then you can just discard them

If you don’t have cucumber to put on your eyes, try slices of raw potato instead

To remove rust from metal, rub with a bit of cut potato to bring back the shine

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