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By - Pragya Nigam

The Green-Red Debate for Chilies;

Red chili is nothing but an older version of green chilies. With time green chillies lose their water content and turn red.


Green chilies are grown before they have fully ripened and turned red, while red chilies are left on the plant to fully ripen and change color.

Harvesting time

Green chilies are generally more bitter and slightly less spicy than their red counterparts.

Spicy Flavor

As green chilies ripen, they develop a sweeter, fruitier flavor. They become hotter due to an increase in capsaicin, the compound responsible for the heat in chili peppers.

Compound Formation

The adulteration rate is higher in red chili powder form as they are mostly used in households in powdered forms apart from using it as tadka in oil directly.

Adulteration Rate

Green chilies have more water content compared to red chilies.

Water Content

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