All About eSoil

By - Ravisha Poddar

eSoil is an innovative electrically conductive cultivation medium that promotes robust plant growth, especially within hydroponic systems.

What is eSoil?

Barley seedlings growth increased by 50% in 15 days when root systems were electrically stimulated using cultivation substrate.

How does it work?

eSoil, an ideal choice for hydroponics, comprises cellulose (such as paper) and a specific ratio (4:1) of a conductive polymer named PEDOT.

Collecting the Ingredients

The resultant soilless medium for plant roots is called mineral wool. A low-intensity voltage is passed through it, stimulating the roots and accelerating growth.

The Perfect Recipe

This organic mixed-ionic electronic conductor prioritizes safety with low energy consumption and eliminates the use of non-biodegradable material and high voltage.

Safety Assurance

        Urban Agriculture
        Vertical farming 

Diverse Applications

This development opens pathways for new research in hydroponic cultivation. It aims to significantly contribute where traditional farming encounters limitations.

Promising Alternative

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