La Noche de Rabanos

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By Ravisha Poddar

A Radiant Radish Celebration in Mexico

The Night of the Radish

La Noche de Rabanos, or the Night of the Radishes, is a vibrant festival celebrated in Oaxaca City, Mexico, known for its intricate radish carvings on giant radishes.

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The Colonial Roots

Dating back to the colonial period, La Noche de Rabanos began as a way for farmers to showcase their harvests during Christmas markets.

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Festive Tradition

As part of the tradition, artisans carve radishes especially grown for the festival into stunning scenes depicting nativity, folklore, and historical events.

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The Bigger the better

The radishes carved are not the regular ones but the overfertilized gigantic radishes weighing up to 20 tonnes. These radishes are not edible and are hence used for carving.

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Display and Competition

The radish carvings are displayed in Oaxaca's main square, where competitions for the best displays attract large crowds of spectators.

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Significance of Radishes

Radishes symbolize abundance and fertility in Mexican culture, making them a fitting choice for this festive celebration.

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Creations Beyond Radish

While radishes are the star of the show, artisans also use other vegetables and plant materials to create intricate displays.

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A Cultural Gathering

La Noche de Rabanos is more than just a festival gaining international recognition; it's a time for the community to come together, celebrate, and share their traditions.

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