The Untold Story of Bihar’s Agricultural Wonder Woman


Cultivating Empowerment

Kanchan Devi is an inspiration for many in the heart of Bhagalpur, Bihar.

Roots of Resilience

Born into the soil of Bhagalpur, her journey in farming began in her childhood, guided by the wisdom of her mother and the rhythms of the land.

Seeds of Transformation

Despite challenges, Kanchan embraced the promise of change when Oxfam India and SEWA Bharat initiated support for women farmers in May 2016.

Sowing Solidarity

Soon, Kanchan became a catalyst for transformation, rallying fellow women farmers and backing sustainable agricultural practices in her community.

 Harvesting Prosperity

Through integrated agricultural techniques, Kanchan witnessed a remarkable 30% increase in net returns from her crops.

Leader of Change

Today, Kanchan is the president of a village-level women's vegetable producer group and a member of the esteemed Board of Directors of the Farmer Producer Organisation in Bihar.

Recognition and More

Kanchan's contributions earned her accolades from the Agriculture Production Commissioner of Bihar and the 'Aprajita Samman' by Prabhat Khabar, inspiring rural women nationwide.

Cultivating Dreams

Rooting for equality and a bright future for farming in India, Kanchan continues to advocate for support from the government and the community.

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