This Millet Entrepreneur Earns Rs 2 Crore Annually

By- Yukta Mudgal

Longing for a deeper purpose after a successful career as an architect, Shubhangi Singh founded a millet business to contribute meaningfully to people's health.

Entrepreneurial Awakening

Switching from wheat and rice to millets brought many hurdles, but Shubhangi tailored millets to modern tastes, tackling health issues and consumer demands.

Challenges of Change

Shubhangi expanded her product line and enhanced her understanding of her customer base during the coronavirus crisis.

COVID-19 Crisis

She collaborated with farmer producer companies (FPOs) and NGOs, tackling supply chain issues, promoting sustainable millet farming, and empowering farmers.

Empowering Farmers

Her dedication to addressing storage challenges and promoting millets made her win 2023 Startup Grand Challenge, conferred by the President of India Droupadi Murmu.

Award From the President

Shubhangi seeks to elevate millets in India's food sector with government and investor support. She envisions promoting sustainable farming practices as part of her mission.

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