Here are 5 Simple Tips

Spring Care for Indoor Plants 

By - Ravisha Poddar

Onset of Spring

As blooms near, plants celebrate.
Our home gardens will soon echo with the fragrance of flowers, welcoming butterflies to the balconies and house feeling like an oasis

Extra Care

During the blooming season, give your indoor plants some extra care for optimal results. Elevate your gardening routine these 5 spring tips and witness your house plants flourish

Frequent Watering

With longer days and warmer temperatures, check  your plants regularly and water them more often. Optimal watering times are early morning or evening to prevent evaporation

Give'em Sunshine

As days lengthen and the sun strengthens, consider relocating plants near windows or using sheer curtains to diffuse sunlight for optimal growth

Pruning and Cleaning

Prepare your plants for spring by pruning and cleaning. Remove dust from leaves, trim wilted ones, and ensure a fresh start for them

Feed Fertilizer

During this crucial flowering and fruiting season, support your plants with bio-fertilizer. Boost their soil to enhance yield and overall health

Repotting and Shifting

Now's the perfect time to repot or shift plants from indoors to outdoors. The soft sun and mild temperatures help them acclimate before scorching summer days arrive

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