Top 5 Honey Bee Species That Will Blow Your Mind!

By Abhishek Yadav

They are domesticable species, and produce an average honey yield of 6-8 kg per colony per year.

(Apis Cerana Indica)

The Indian Hive Bee

Rock bees are ferocious and difficult to rear. They produce about 36 Kg of honey per comb per year. 

(Apis Dorsata)

The Rock Bee

Smallest in size. Produce about half a kilo of honey per year per hive.

(Apis florea)

The Little Bee

They are also similar in habits to Indian bees. The average production per colony is 25-40 kg.

(Apis mellifera)

The European or Italian Bee

These bees are much smaller than the true honey bees. The honey yield per hive per year is only 100 gms.

(Melipona irridipennis)

The Dammer Bee or Stingless Bee

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