Top 6 Flowers to Brighten Your Garden This Monsoon

By Shruti Sanwariya


Hibiscus flowers bloom profusely during the rainy season, showcasing their large, colorful petals. They add a tropical touch to gardens and attract pollinators.


Lotus flowers thrive in rainy conditions, flourishing in waterlogged areas. Their exquisite blooms are symbolic of purity and grace, making them a seasonal favorite.


Jasmine plants produce fragrant white flowers during the rainy season. These delicate blossoms are known for their sweet scent and are often used in perfumes.


Marigolds brighten up gardens with their vibrant orange and yellow blooms. They are hardy and thrive in the damp soil of the rainy season, repelling pests naturally. 

Water Lily

Water lilies float gracefully on pond surfaces, blooming in various colors. They are perfect for rainy season gardens, adding a serene and picturesque touch.


Bougainvillea blooms vividly during the rainy season, producing clusters of colorful bracts. These hardy plants add a striking splash of color to gardens and landscapes.

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