Top 7
Low Investment Agri-Business Ideas

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Microgreens Farming

Grow nutrient-rich greens indoors or in small spaces. Minimal investment in seeds and trays. High demand in gourmet markets.

Mushroom Cultivation

Cultivate oyster mushrooms in small spaces. Low investment in substrate and containers. High demand in culinary industry.

Herb Farming

Plant basil, mint, and more in pots or small plots. Minimal investment, high demand in local markets and restaurants.

Vertical Farming

Utilize vertical space for high-density crop production. Affordable DIY options available. Ideal for small indoor spaces.


Start beekeeping with low initial investment. Need hives, gear, and tools. Income from honey, wax, and pollination services.

Aquaponics Farming

Combine fish farming with hydroponic plant growth. Efficient and sustainable. Initial setup cost for tanks and pumps.

Organic Vegetable Farming

Start small-scale organic farm. Focus on high-demand crops. Sell directly to consumers. Minimal startup costs.

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