Top Herbal Remedies for Oral Health

By Shruti Sanwariya


Through its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, neem reduces plaque, prevents gum disease, and freshens breath. It is used traditionally for natural healing in oral care.


Peppermint contains antimicrobial properties, breath freshening, reduction of oral bacteria, soothing effect, and stimulation of saliva production for improved oral hygiene.


Clove aids mouth health with its analgesic, and antibacterial properties, relieving toothache, and reducing oral bacteria. Through its therapeutic benefits, it promotes overall oral hygiene.

Tea Tree Oil

Antimicrobial properties of the oil, combat oral bacteria, reduce plaque, alleviate gingivitis symptoms, and promote overall oral hygiene in dental care routines.

Aloe Vera

Its anti-inflammatory properties promote gum health, reduce inflammation, and contribute to oral hygiene in dental care products for overall wellness and relief.


Eucalyptus provides a cooling sensation, refreshes breath, fights oral bacteria, and promotes oral hygiene in dental care routines with the help of anti-inflammatory properties.

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