Top Plant Oils for Effective UV Protection!

Image Credits - Pexels
By Shruti Sanwariya

Red Raspberry Seed Oil

It shields the skin from UV radiation. This is a natural SPF that moisturizes and soothes inflammation, offering effective natural sun protection.

Carrot Seed Oil

It protects the skin from UV damage with carotenoids and vitamin E. Moreover, it boosts skin health and provides a natural SPF of 38-40.

Jojoba Oil 

This oil gives mild sun protection with its moisturizing properties. Its natural components keep the skin hydrated.

Wheat Germ Oil

With a high vitamin E content, this oil provides antioxidant protection. Further, it supports skin health and helps prevent sun-induced damage.

Soybean Oil

It guards the skin from UV rays with isoflavones, antioxidants, and skin-nourishing properties. Also, the oil works to promote skin health.

Coconut Oil

It provides mild sun protection with a natural SPF of 4-10. Coconut oil is helpful for sun-induced dryness.

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