Uncompromised Power:
Mahindra NOVO 605 DI PS V1 Tractor

Engineered for unparalleled performance and consistent power, this Mahindra Tractor is designed to elevate agricultural productivity.


With a robust 36.3 kW (48.7 HP) engine and cutting-edge technologies, this 2WD tractor delivers exceptional power and efficiency to enhance farm operations.

Power and Efficiency

Equipped with a new high-medium-low transmission system and gears with seven unique speeds, the tractor is for optimal performance and versatility. 

Advanced Transmission

The tractor features a fast-response hydraulic system, enabling quick and precise operations, further maximizing productivity.

Fast-Response Hydraulic System

Experience the unmatched capabilities of Mahindra NOVO, designed to elevate agricultural efficiency, productivity, and success in the field.

Elevate Your Farming Experience