Unknown Facts About Mango Peels

By - Shruti Sanwariya

UV Protection

Polyphenols and carotenoids in mango peels offer photoprotective benefits. Topical application of mango peel extracts shields skin from UV damage.


Wound Healing

Mango peel compounds like tannins and flavonoids may aid in healing wounds. Topical application or inclusion in dressings can enhance recovery and prevent infection. 


Anti-Diabetic Properties

Mango peel tea could aid in sugar level improvement as mango peel extracts may possess anti-diabetic properties.


Oral Health

Mango peels contain antimicrobial compounds that hinder oral bacteria growth. Using mango peel extracts in mouthwash may enhance oral hygiene.


Natural Pesticide

Mango peels, containing insecticidal compounds like Mangiferin and Benzophenone, act as natural pesticides, reducing dependence on synthetic chemicals in farming.


Rich in fiber

Mango peelís fibrous nature reduces cardiovascular disease risk by 40% and aids digestion due to its high fiber content.


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