Here’s a look at the success story of a farmer who sells roses, earns lakhs

By - Yukta Mudgal

Subrata Karmakar started a flower nursery around 25 years ago and has been minting lakhs.

Flower-Selling Business

BSc in Agriculture, Subrata runs a nursery named ‘Plants Rose World’.

Educational Background

He sells different varieties of roses including Dutch rose and Grandiflora rose, as well as Orchids and Chrysanthemums.

Roses and More

He believes plants babies that require timely care.

Risks Involved

His online business picked up during the Covid-19 outbreak when people were engaging in planting at home.

Online Business During Covid

Subrata has not confined himself to selling plants. He guides his customers toward decorating their balconies and taking proper care of the saplings.

Helping Customers

Subrata believes that buying flowers for loved ones is not enough, people should gift each other plants as well.

Valentine’s Day Message

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