Watch Out for These 5 Dangerous Houseplants in Your Home

By : Pragya Nigam

When selecting plants for your garden or home, do you prioritize looks or function, size, or color? Research more and be cautious about opting for harmful plants.

Some varieties of lilies are not safe, especially for pet cats. From the leaves to the flower, every part of the lily plant can be poisonous.


This plant produces a large amount of pollen which can cause severe illness if you have allergies.


It is highly toxic to animals and grows quickly, overtaking your garden if left unchecked.

Ricinus Communis

Ivy causes skin irritation, and if you eat it, it can be very toxic.

English Ivy

It is a lethal indoor plant that contains calcium oxalate crystals which are toxic for both humans and pets.

Split Leaf Philodendrons

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