Ways to Adapt A Healthy Lifestyle

By: Shruti Sanwariya

Staying hydrated is crucial. Aim to consume 2-3L water daily, especially during heat waves to maintain proper body function and cope with high temperatures.


To promote a healthy lifestyle, reduce sugar consumption. Substitute regular sugar with jaggery or rock sugar for improved dietary habits.

No Sugar

Mobile phones hinder healthy living. Avoid using them before bedtime. 7-8 hours of sleep is vital for body restoration and well-being.

Sufficient Sleep

Swap roadside sodas with healthier options like buttermilk, yogurt drinks, lemonade, fresh juices, and coconut water offering essential nutrients for maintaining a healthy body.

Switch To Healthy Drinks

Substitute home snacks like biscuits and fried snacks with healthier options such as fox nuts, sprout salad, baked finger millet snacks, and puffed sorghum.

Healthy Snacking

Set achievable exercise goals based on your work schedule. Explore morning or evening walks, enjoyable activities like Zumba, yoga, or swimming, and try meditation for better sleep.

Exercises and Meditation

Regularly schedule check-ups with your healthcare provider for preventive screenings. Early detection is crucial. Conduct basic checks for cholesterol, thyroid, and blood sugar biannually.

Routinely Health

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