White Chocolate Recipes You Must Try

By - Shivangi Rai

Blend white chocolate with milk and vanilla extract to make this indulgent hot chocolate. Add nutmeg, cinnamon orcardamom for added spiciness, if you like

White Hot Chocolate

 Mix white chocolate into cake batter, bake until fluffy. Frost with white chocolate icing

White Chocolate Cake

Combine butter, sugar, flour, and white chocolate chips. Bake until golden. Soft, sweet treats perfect for dessertor snack

White Chocolate Cookies

Top your cakes with a silky white chocolate ganache, or use it to make truffles

White Chocolate Ganache

 Melt white chocolate, blend with cream, shape into balls, and roll in cocoa or toppings. Delicious, bite-sized sweets

White Chocolate Truffles

Melt white chocolate, mix with milk,sugar, cornstarch; cook till thickened. Chill and serve creamy, sweet dessert

White Chocolate Pudding

Mix batter with white chocolate chips,bake until golden, enjoy sweet, soft treats

White Chocolate Muffins

Moist, fluffy cupcakes infused with white chocolate, topped with creamy frosting, and adorned with white chocolate shavings for a delightful treat

White Chocolate Cupcakes

 A creamy, sweet dessert made with white chocolate, cream cheese, and a cookie crust, topped with delicious toppings

White Chocolate Cheesecake

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