Why Miyazaki Mangoes Are the Costliest in the World

By - Saurabh Shukla

Miyazaki mangoes stand out for their intense flavors and vibrant colors, thanks to the ideal climate and soil conditions of Miyazaki Prefecture

Exceptional Quality

Each Miyazaki mango undergoes careful hand-pollination and precise pruning to ensure optimal size, shape, and flavor.

Precise Cultivation

The labor-intensive cultivation process and strict quality standards result in a limited supply of Miyazaki mangoes, adding to their rarity and desirability.

Limited Supply

Government-enforced standards for factors like weight, size, and sugar content ensure only the finest Miyazaki mangoes reach the market, contributing to their exclusivity.

Strict Quality Standards

From hand-pollination to harvesting, Miyazaki mango production requires significant labor, driving up production costs and, consequently, the fruit's price.


Miyazaki mangoes are associated with luxury and prestige, attracting consumers willing to pay a premium for these rare and exceptional fruits.

Luxury Status

Miyazaki mangoes have gained popularity worldwide, thanks to their exceptional taste and limited availability, further elevating their status as the world's most expensive mango variety.

Worldwide Demand

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