World Health Day: Key Patient Rights You Must Know 

By Shruti Sanwariya

Right to Information

Patients have the right to clear information about their illness, treatment costs, and care providers, which must be provided in understandable language and writing.

Right to Records and Reports

Patients or their caregivers can access case papers and investigation reports within 24 hours of admission and 72 hours after discharge upon payment.

Right to Emergency Medical Care 

All hospitals must offer emergency medical care without payment demands. Basic care is obligatory regardless of payment ability, ensuring prompt, quality service.

Right to Confidentiality, Human Dignity and Privacy

Patients have privacy rights and doctors must maintain confidentiality. Female patients can ask for the presence of another female during examinations by male health specialists.

Right to Second Opinion

Patients can seek second opinions freely. Hospitals must provide records and respect their rights without impacting ongoing care and discrimination will be deemed as a Human Rights violation.

Right to Choose the Source for Obtaining Medicines or Tests

Patients can opt for pharmacies and diagnostic registered centers. Hospitals must inform patients of this right without affecting care quality.

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